Node.js in YUI

October 30, 2012

Article about Node.js that was released for the first time in YUI Blog was that of 2010. Although more than two years has passed since then, a set of tools around YUI is that it works on all Node.js finally. I think this time I would like to summarize that also serves as an introduction to each tool.


A tool that has been wrapped for YUI based on the UglifyJS and cssmin. YUI Compressor that has been used until now will be obsolete in the future We will use this as a successor.

YUI Test

A JavaScript unit testing framework. It has supported Node.js at a relatively early stage. Have tested using YUI Test is also YUI core code.


A tool for cross-browser testing. This is a tool that allows you to run a test with a single command to test on multiple browsers and devices. You can implement the proprietary protocols, Yeti is inside is an interesting tool that can be very good. Easy to understand and I would watch the Reid’s video and Dav’s video.


It is a tool to run on a headless browser tests of YUI Test using PhantomJS. Please take a look at last month, so I introduced in my blog post.


It is a tool that generates API documentation from the code of JavaScript. Previously, it had been implemented in Python, Node.js has now become well.


It is a tool used to build YUI module corresponding to the successor of YUI Builder. YUI Builder was Java(Ant), Shifter is Node.js base. Please take a look because this is also introduced in the previous blog.


This has not been officially announced or still under development, it is still without much documentation. It seems to be something like a support tool for the development of gallery modules and YUI.

Because they are all published on GitHub, you can contribute the code if anyone has signed the CLA of YUI everyone.