Looking back on 2012

December 31, 2012

As the my goal of the year, I have listed three things. They haven’t decided the concrete contents in advance. Determine goals and only roughly, more I have to be any good thing to be associated with that goal.

Contribute to the internet

I sent a total of 50 patches near several OSS. I think most of them are small, but, whether it is the contribution for each community was able to more than a little than nothing. Then, I had to write a blog in English this year. As write once a month, I was somehow continued one year. If I feel tired that I have every week, as my pace is so good about this. I began to increase little by little opportunity to use English on Twitter, G+, even such as Google Reader.

Take photos

Number to take pictures this year has been reduced considerably. I think I should take a lot to take because it isn’t a goal, indifferently in the future. After that, I entered the dark room for the first time this year in college. Because I want to go again in the near future, I may continue for some time as well.

Go trips

I didn’t go anywhere, unfortunately. Since there is no most likely outcome of the three, I want to go somewhere next year.

I won’t change the three things for the next year. Have a good year.