Ryuichi Okumura

A software engineer in Tokyo, made in Kyoto.

e-mail → okuryu@okuryu.com.


Softwear Engineer, Yahoo Japan Corporation

2007 - Present

I'm currently working on the core technology products for internal platform developers at Yahoo Japan Corporation.


Kyoto University of Arts and Design

2003 - 2007

Bachelor, Photography


The 10th Japan OSS Incentive Award


I was awarded the 10th Japan OSS Incentive Award mainly because my contributions to open sourced producs by Yahoo was evaluated. See also: http://ossforum.jp/en/node/1327

Life Experience


2002 - Present

My first film camera was LOMO LC-A bought in 2002. I've been started to learn photogoraphy, arts, and design at the university in 2003. After graduation, I chose an unrelated work, but I keep taking photos as part of my life. Several photos are available on my Flickr, Instagram, and Medium.

Open Source

2008 - Present

I joined GitHub.com and started to contribute to open source community in 2008. I learned many things how softwares built by the people and community in the world. See also my GitHub and Open Source Project section for more details as below.

Open Source Project

Contributor, FormatJS

2014 - Present

FormatJS is the suite of internationalization in JavaScript developed by Yahoo. They are built on top of standard specification called ECMAScript 402. I started to contribute to FormatJS in 2014.

Maintainer, YUIDoc

2014 - Present

YUIDoc is an open sourced tools that make JavaScript API documentations developed by Yahoo. It was started to develop as part of YUI products. And I've promoted a maintainer of YUIDoc in 2014.

Committer, YUI

2011 - 2014

YUI is an open sourced JavaScript framework and library developed by Yahoo. It was open sourced in 2006. I've been started to contribute to YUI since 2011, and promoted a committer in 2013. In 2014, it was announced that active development of YUI by Yahoo would end.