I’m Ryuichi Okumura, a software engineer in Tokyo. I’m currently working on the developer platforms at Yahoo! JAPAN.

I love to take photos. I’ve been started to learn the art and design, and taking photos from around 2000. Photo is part of my life as it’s now, so some photos can be viewed at Flickr.

At the same time, I’ve been learned web technologies. Of special interest is the JavaScript world, so I’ve been contribute to YUI since about 2011, and promoted to YUI Committer in 2013. And I’ve promoted a maintainer on YUIDoc since 2014, also joined FormatJS team. Codes that I wrote is viewed on GitHub.

Please e-mail to okuryu@okuryu.com if you wish contact to me.

Also I’m usually using “okuryu” as username, so you can find me elsewhere.